Due to the unique nature of most pieces and the fluctuating nature of metal and stone prices it is not possible to provide exact prices for each of the pieces shown here.
Accurate prices for individual pieces can be found by contacting Pamela Dickinson directly or through the galleries listed on the Home page.

The prices below offer an indication only, and generally designs can be developed to suit a budget available.

RingsNecklacesWedding Bands Stone Set RingsBangles + BraceletsFlower Rings

Granulated Silver Rings and Stud Earringswith Gold beads £144
9ct White & 18ct Yellow Gold
Approx £420.
More with stones.
(Not including Flower Rings)

One-off pieces individually priced
according to materials and work

Silver currently available
£680 - £2,000

Wedding bands vary in cost according to weight, size and complexity.
Some approximate prices are
9ct Gold £380+
Palladium £1500+
18ct Gold £950+
Platinum £1000+

There is an enormous range in price,
with many Silver rings with Gold and semi-precious stones at £192,
going up to the Xplo Ring shown here at £6,000, and lots of beautiful possibilities in between.

Silver £240+
More with Gold beads
and stones.
18ct Gold £3,400+

Flower rings and earrings start at £180
with a good range of stone set pieces under £300.
Also available in White Gold