If you enjoy the designs you have seen on this website, and would like a special piece of work that has a particular relevance to you,
perhaps a piece of jewellery that reflects your uniqueness and that will survive to be worn by future generations,
or one that celebrates a special point in your life,
or just a fresh design to incorporate stones that need a new lease of life in a contemporary setting,
Pamela Dickinson will be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.



Revitalise old stones in a vibrant new design.

With a wide range of skills acquired over a lifetime of practical experience, an abiding interest in innovation and the application of artistic awareness,
your collaboration can lead to the development of an especially significant piece of jewellery or silverware to treasure for ever.
Because each piece of jewellery is made by hand by Pamela Dickinson, individual preferences and adaptations can be introduced to existing designs,
allowing for the creation of bespoke and unique pieces.
Entirely new designs can be developed in consultation.
If these designs are suitable to be included later in the catalogue of designs, usually in a modified form, no charge is made for the design element of the work.

Contact Pamela on 01377 254186 or by email on enquiries@pameladickinson.com to describe your requirements or arrange a meeting in London or Yorkshire.
Alternatively, commissions can be arranged through the galleries listed on the Home page

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